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Perthshire's Pound of Flesh

Exploring Perthshire’s Darker Side Following on from the success of The River Runs Red, Perthshire author Mark Bridgeman, is now delving even deeper into the darkest of human desires – the thirst for revenge.

In Perthshire’s Pound of Flesh, Mark explores more sinister and surprising true stories from Perthshire’s dark past. From the 1970s serial killer who stayed in a Perthshire hotel with his quarry, then buried another victim elsewhere in the county; to the story of the man who disappeared following a St Johnstone match, never to be seen again.

“I’m very excited about this book”, said Mark Bridgeman, “the collection of stories I’ve unearthed here are so interesting. Perthshire has certainly had its fair share of sinister crimes over the past two hundred years or so.”

Mark added; “Although there are some gruesome goings on for you to uncover, there is also some grim humour, several interesting lessons from history and some intriguing puzzles to solve. From a particularly convincing ghostly encounter, to a mysterious and apparently motiveless murder, you will certainly be shocked at the levels of brutality in Perthshire’s not so distance past.” Perthshire’s Pound of Flesh also offers some unique insight into life in the big county during the past two centuries, unmasking day-to-day life among the poorest members of society, the difficulties experienced by the police and courts in obtaining convictions, and the earliest known record of one of Perthshire’s more mysterious monuments.

Perthshire’s Pound of Flesh is released on 26thMay 2022, and is published by Watermill Books. The book is available from the Aberfeldy Watermill Bookshop, Adventure Into Books Blairgowrie, The Highland Bookshop in Fort William, Priory Books Pitlochry, Waterstone’s and

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