By The Braes o`Killiecrankie

by Niamh Wood

The Battle of Killiecrankie

On a misty morning, 27 July 1689, the battle of Killiecrankie took place in Perthshire, Scotland. Also referred to as the Battle of Rinory, it occurred during the 1689 Jacobite rising. But who were the Jacobites and what was the Jacobite rising?

In 1688 there was much discontent with the Catholic monarchy. This came to a head when King James’s wife, Mary of Modena, gave birth to an heir. Their son, also known as James, was rumoured to have been smuggled into the royal bedchamber in a warming pan. Many did not believe that there was a true male heir. At that point, members of the Protestant Whig Party who did not believe in the birth of a true male heir then asked William of Orange to intervene. William of Orange, the husband of James’ eldest (Protestant) daughter, Mary, was delighted to be invited to assume the throne. When he landed in England, James was compelled to flee the country. William was then crowned in his place. However, many still supported the exiled King. These supporters were known as Jacobites. In brief, Jacobite’s were supporters of the restoration of the of the House of Stewart to the British throne. The name itself is derived from the word Jacobus, the Latin version of James.

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